Peter Meckler
Electrical Engineer
Chief Operating Officer

After studying electrical engineering, Peter worked in switchgear development for almost 40 years. Since November 2018, he has been contributing his experience as a consultant to research projects on the topic of sustainable energy supply.

Passion for the mountains and social conscience are his driving forces to provide education to children in remote mountain villages and thus create one of the foundations for a higher quality of life.”

Rainer Scharrer
Agricultural Engineer
Deputy Operating Officer

After his active years as a dairy farmer and consultant, Rainer would like to use his experience and commitment to help those who were not born with so many opportunities.

In Nepal he was able to personally convince himself of the necessity and sustainability of Light for Children’s projects and would like to contribute his part to their success

Alexander Förster
Safety and Security Manager

After several years of service in the Bundeswehr (Army), Alexander became self-employed in the field of security.
Since 2007, he has been working as a consultant and lecturer for companies and private customers, at home and abroad, in all matters relating to security.
Alexander also shares the passion for the mountains and travel, both privately and professionally, it was a matter of course for him to take on social responsibility in this area and to give children a chance of education.

Hans-Joachim Mergler

“It’s never too late to commit to a good cause. As a retiree, I have the time and the “Light for Children” project is always a “good thing”!

Katja Bub

Katja is a journalist. In her free time, she loves to roam the woods with her dog. It is important to her that people get the same chance, regardless of where they come from and how they grow up.

Wolfgang Steck

After several years of working in the field of experiential education, Wolfgang has acquired a great deal of objectivity and this is where the drive for participation in “Light for Children” arose, so that a contribution to equal opportunities can be made.

Alexandra Klaußner
Financial Consultant


Alexandra likes to go on excursions to nature and culture. She is open to new and unfamiliar things. She is interested in how people live in other countries and has a big heart.
It quickly became clear that she wanted to get involved in the association for the sponsored children. She is of the opinion that even children in the remote regions of the world should be given the best possible school education.

Adrian Mose
Donation Management

Adrian is a passionate climber, mountain biker and globetrotter. It is very important to him that today’s children are prepared for the world of tomorrow – no matter in which country they grow up.