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Our Beginnings

In 2018, an expedition took us to a small mountain village in Nepal at an altitude of 5000 meters. The villagers invited us to visit the school there. We realized that there wasn not even electric illumination in the school. But how are the local children, who often have to help in the fields during the day, supposed to learn in the dark in the evening? We wanted to remedy the situation. Our association “Licht für Kinder” translated to “Light for Children” was born.

Our Goals

Our goal is to provide children in the world’s poorest countries with access to a solid education.
Education is the basis for a good and worthy life worldwide. Only with a solid school education do the children have the chance to learn or study a profession later on. Especially in remote mountain villages, this is unfortunately usually not the case, as both schools and well-trained teachers are not available. We have recognized this problem, which is why we support teachers in education and training and renovate or build new schools. 
Education nowadays does not only mean attending a school, but also having access to modern and contemporary teaching materials. For this, however, you need electricity, which is usually not available. To change this, we consciously rely on simple and robust technology, like solar energy feeding led lamps. The villagers will be trained in the care and maintenance of the solar systems as well.

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May 6th 2024 Board Meeting

Articles about us

Up to now there are only articles in german language. Therefore please refer to the german Website.

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